There is a road to improving our writing.

Although it is sometimes viewed as an abstract concept, storytelling can be broken down into its core components, effectively clueing us in to what works, and what doesn’t. By methodizing the art, we can focus on specific aspects of the craft, rather than viewing it as an overwhelming obstacle. This provides us both with the motivation and the path we need to succeed.

Hopefully, you all share the same deep love for writing that I do. You understand me when I describe the ingrained need to write, to tell, that tugs at my heart despite any attempts to ignore it. Whether you write as a hobby, as a job, or sit somewhere in between, the assumption is you love this art, and sincerely want to improve your writing skill.

And so I present to you a blog with that single objective in mind. Over several years, I have compiled a journal of notes on the writing craft, which I hope to both share and expand with you. My journey is far from over, and I am certain that bringing others aboard is the most effective way to reaching my goal of becoming the best writer and storyteller that I–that we–can possibly become.

Thank you for traveling this incredible road with me.